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Bald Man Enterainment


A wedding is one of most important days of your life and the entertainment can make or break your reception.  We do what it takes to make sure the big day is an awesome success!

Our Process

Once you have confirmed an available date with us, we can meet with you personally to talk about your wedding, go over the contract and get to know each other.  Assuming you'd like to book us, our retainer to reserve your date is $150 applied towards the final balance.

We will provide planning guides to help you with music selection, timelines, set up, or all of the little things that will make you day the best it can be! 

What Makes Us the Right Choice for Your Day

  • Professional Sound System.  Uncle Buck and his crate of CDs aren't showing up.
  • Wireless microphones for toasts/events.  Cords are messy and nobody needs that.
  • 100% Cheese-free.  No Hokie Pokey, Chicken Dance or Macarena.  Unless you insist.  We'll do it, but we'll definitely judge you.
  • Complete customization of all events and music using our planning guides.
  • No charge for equipment set-up and removal.  You don't need to pay us to do our job, so we can do our job.
  • Back up. Of Everything.   Laptops, speakers, mixers.  If it goes down, your party won't.
  • Experienced DJ/EMcee.  With over 25 years under our belt, there's not much we haven't seen.
  • Thousands of titles!  If we don't have it, we'll get it.
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